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How to Clean Eyelash Extensions

Why do I need to use Baking Soda?

Baking Soda is mildly antiseptic and very soothing to the eyes, helping to calm allergic reactions and neutralise impurities like chlorine. It adjusts the PH and it makes the baby shampoo a more effective cleanser and buffers the gas produced by the glue when it is curing, reducing possibilities of sensitivity. The combination of baby shampoo and baking soda is one often recommended by opthalmologists to care for eye conditions and irritations.

Why do I need to use bottled water?

We need a clean mixture, free of the bacteria, that is likely to be lurking around taps, kitchens and bathrooms.

What is the foam pumper for?

The specialised foamer bottle takes the liquid and injects air as it dispenses, to foam the product, making the “lash poo” mixture into a foam, which makes it very easy for the cleanser to get between the lashes. The soapy foam’s high water and air content also makes it easy to rinse away, leaving the lashes squeaky clean, without any residue.

So, how do I wash my extensions?

This part is very easy! Make up the “Lash Poo”, using the simple recipe. Take a small ball of foam in your fingers and keeping your eyes closed, move the foam over your lashes. No need to rub at them at all, just use gentle strokes, from the root to the tip. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. You can leave them to dry naturally, or if you want to, you can lightly blow dry them on a low heat. You can gently brush through your lashes with the enclosed wand.

Recipe for “Lash Poo”

Take the following ingredients and add them to your foam pumper:

  • 1 part baby shampoo

  • 3 parts bottled, or purified water (NOT tap water)

  • 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda


  • Use Sterilid ($15,


  • Ultra Calm Foaming Cleanser (CVS)

You can just pat them dry, no need for blow dryer unless you want too!

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